Painters Mackay

Painters Mackay

Time to transform your home and living space? Time to update your office to a fresh, professional feel?  Mackay Pro Painters have got you covered. Highly experienced and fully trained, we work across a variety of properties and always have the knowledge to point you in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail from start to finish. As a reputable painting company, our expertise include residential painting, industrial painting, commercial painting and even restoration painting.

 From preparation to the final coat, Mackay Pro Painters are the experts in getting you the finish you desire. Our services also include interior painting and exterior painting of both domestic and commercial properties, floor coatings and anti graffiti coatings.

With years of experience painting Mackay on residential and commercial properties across Mackay, you can rest assured that our team has the knowledge to meet and exceed your expectations. We have painted everything from fences and retaining walls, to interiors and exteriors of homes. 

We know the security of your home and possessions is incredibly important to you. You can trust our team on your premises and know that we are always respectful of being in your space.  

Whether it’s time to freshen up the inside of your house, a weathered exterior that needs some attention, or any other painting services, Mackay Pro Paintings can help. We’d like to think we are the best local painters in Mackay, so contact us today for a free quote. 

Mackay Pro Painters painting the interior of a house in Glenella, Mackay

Is your home in need of some house painting? Mackay Pro Painters are a professional painting company who’ve got the expertise and the know-how to paint your place right the first time. So get in touch with our team today!

Mackay Pro Painters - Commercial painters working in Mackay
Have an office space or building that needs to be transformed into something that represents your company? We work with your schedule to complete your project with minimal inconvenience to your business and customers.
Image is of graffiti on a wall. Mackay Pro Painters specialise in anti graffiti paint
Graffiti vandals can strike anywhere at any time. Applying an anti graffiti coat can provide you with the peace of mind to know that you have the protection in place to make graffiti removal easy.

Tiled roof painting Mackay Freshly painted house roof made from brown tiles

Painting your roof is one of the best ways to get a long life out of your biggest investment, all the while increasing your homes curb appeal and boosting your property’s value. Safety is our priority and with a fully trained team, you know you’re in good hands.

Floor grinding concrete in preparation for epoxy flooring Mackay

Epoxy resin floor coatings are a great way to create a durable, hard wearing floor perfect for a commercial, industrial and even home garage environment. With it’s gaining popularity, epoxy floors are becoming a great choice for a maintenance free, hygienic floor.

The Best House Painters Mackay has on offer

Of all the improvements and modifications you can make to your home, a fresh coat of paint would have to be one of the more striking and cost effective options.

Mackay Pro Painters have serviced houses from Armstrong Beach, Oakenden, Bakers Creek, Caoe Hilsborough, Midge Point and more.

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market, get your place looking like new again or needs some suggestions on painting combinations, our experienced team will provide the knowledge and expertise you need to get the job done professionally and with minimum disruption to your day, 

Where the work is required, we can do repairs to render, woodwork and plaster as part of the preparation for refinishing.

We also offer colour consultation and colour matching services. This can be important when trying to match existing furnishings. Looking for the best local painter Mackay has on offer? Then look no further than Mackay Pro Painters. 

We guarantee that your job is not completed until you are completely satisfied with our workmanship and products.

If you’re looking for house painters in Mackay and need some professional painting done, Mackay Pro Painters are the painting contractor you need to get in touch with.

External Painters Mackay

As time goes on the facade of a building will fade and peel, resulting in the deterioration of your home’s appearance. We have always taken pride in being great painters in Mackay region and in our ability to comply with industry standards all whilst combining the highest level of craftsmanship. Painting Mackay homes exteriors isn’t easy and should be left to the professionals.
Whether the exterior of your property is weatherboards, brick, render, or something else, our team at Mackay Painters use extensive surface preparation and the highest quality paints to ensure we achieve a durable finish.
With years of experience in interior and exterior painting behind us, we’d like to think we are the best local painters in Mackay. Our specialist team of painters have the expertise to create appealing, high quality finishes that will be durable enough to stand against the harshest of weather conditions.

Whether masonry, brick, pebble or something entirely different, each type of material will be evaluated by our professional painters to ensure the best type of outdoor paint is used for the project. Thorough surface preparation ensures an optimal finish and greater durability.

We are fully insured and will always strive to achieve your satisfaction. We’ve helped paint Mackay properties for years and are proud of the work we produce. Being experts in painting both the inside and outside of homes and business across Mackay, we will always ready to achieve whatever your desire look you’re after. Whether refreshing an interior space, bringing your deck back to life or updating the exterior facade that represents you and your business, Mackay Painters have the experience and knowledge to get the job done around your schedule. So if you’re looking for the best painter Mackay has to offer then look no further than the team at Mackay Pro Painters.

Painting Preparation

By choosing Mackay Pro Painters, you’re teaming up with local painters in Mackay that will ensure the  interior and exterior of your house is properly prepared for painting. Our comprehensive preparation for painting is second to none, allowing us to achieve a beautifully painted finish free from imperfections.

Our team has been trained to be able to handle any painting requirements you may have. We will ensure your furniture is protected, your belongings are made safe and any surfaces that need to be covered will be taped, wrapped and kept clean from dust and paint. We can also remove paintings mirrors, blinds, curtains and wrap any larger objects we are unable to move. Where necessary, we will tape glass, walls, doors and skirting boards to completely minimise the dust and paint that could potentially go astray. We not only house painters in Mackay, but house preppers. We’ll make sure all of your valuable are kept safe out of harms way.

We also focus a lot of our attention on prepping various types of surfaces that may be damaged, flaking, peeling or blemished in order to achieve the best finish. We are able to remove flaking paint, fill cracks and gaps in timber, fix up previous painting mishaps, seal any timber surfaces that may require it, patch and plaster holes and damage to plaster, sand down surfaces for ceilings, walls, window frames, skirting boards, doors and more. With years of experience guiding us, let Mackay Pro Painters be the house painters to complete your job.

Fence Painters Mackay

If your fence is looking weathered and in need of a new coat of paint or you’ve installed a new fence and are in need of a fence painter, call us today and speak to the experts when it comes to exterior paint.

We have the experience and knowledge to paint any type of fence you need painting including brick, render, block, picket, steel and pail fences. Whatever the material, our expert team can provide the right solution for your job. We take pride in knowing we’ve helped to paint Mackay and beautify homes right across the area.

A well painted fence can add a great amount of value to a property as well as being aesthetically appealing and providing security to your family. We’ve been fence painting Mackay for years and know what’s required to create a finish that will last the harsh Mackay weather. 

We use different techniques depending on the job. Fence spraying is common way of painting fences as it allows us to achieve a great quality finish in an efficient manner. Our fence spray painting services is our way of creating the minimum disruption to your day by completing your job fast and efficiently. We will always strive to ensure the surrounding area is protected from overspray and mess. Fence spraying is cost effective and is a low maintenance option for our customers and is often requested. A brushless finish looks gorgeous on steel and timber as its the smoothest result that can be achieved. We always use the latest in fence spraying technology to give you the best, most flawless drip-free finish we can. Look no more for painters in Mackay area, we are your go to painter Mackay.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you, please call us or fill in contact form today.

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