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The Experts In Epoxy Floors In Mackay

At Mackay Pro Painters, we have the expertise to furnish our customers with top-notch epoxy flooring to suit all kinds of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need to revamp a gym floor, manufacturing plant floor or hotel lobby, we will be happy to help you achieve your flooring goal. 

Many businesses in Mackay prefer epoxy flooring to polished concrete and other flooring solutions because it is cheaper and virtually maintenance-free. It also opens a range of possibilities when it comes to experimenting with colours.

The Epoxy Flooring Process

So how is epoxy flooring done? This type of flooring is made from the bonding of a form of resin and a  hardening chemical compound and it is usually laid over finished concrete floors. We will prepare the floor by cleaning it thoroughly and sanding, if it is required, to get rid of any dirt and make the surface perfectly level. We then carefully mix the components of the epoxy and then pour it over the concrete evenly.

Simple as it sounds, laying epoxy flooring is an intricate process that requires close attention to detail and usage of the right equipment. We have many years of experience in this area, with several completed projects in Mackay and its surrounds. You can rest assured that your flooring will be installed to perfection. Within a few days, you’ll be able to walk on your new floors. Within a week the area will be trafficable to cars.

Contact us today if you have any further questions about epoxy flooring or how it can be applied in your setting. If you have a site you’re thinking of applying it to, we’ll be happy to visit, inspect and provide you with a free quote to get started.

Why install an Epoxy Floor in Mackay?

There are many reasons why installing an epoxy floor coating makes sense to businesses and institutions in Mackay. First, it makes it easy to keep high-traffic areas in a building clean. You won’t need to struggle to get dust, mud, food and oil stains off the glossy surface. The chemical resistance and hygienic benefits of epoxy floors is why it’s often the prefered choice of flooring in hospitals and restaurants. And you won’t need to spend money on specialized cleaning equipment and ongoing maintenance which can often be the case if you opt for timber or concrete flooring.

Another reason we recommend epoxy flooring to institutions like schools is because of the level of safety it offers inhabitants. Its slip, fire and chemical-resistant properties make the area safe for playing children as well as industries that use or manufacture flammable substances.

Once we’ve laid down your epoxy floor, we can overlay it with the finish of your choice to give the surface an added flourish. Our epoxy floors come in a wide range of colours with a variety of patterns to choose from.

Epoxy floors stand the test of time and look incredible. The sturdiness and durability of epoxy makes this style of flooring the ideal choice for factories where heavy machinery is operated.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Mackay

Not only are we one of the best local painters Mackay offers, we also take great pride in our quality of epoxy flooring we do for home owners and commercial clients. We have laid epoxy floor coating for homeowners in Richmond, Erakala and Rural View, among other Mackay suburbs. If you’re renovating your home or are still in the process of construction, you should think about installing this kind of flooring over the conventional wood or ceramic tiles in areas like your shed, garage and rumpus or kid’s play rooms.

The comparatively low installation cost and low maintenance of epoxy flooring make it an obvious choice for your home. It’s non-slip and fire-resistant qualities also make it safer for families with younger children and pets. And with the colour and design options it offers, matching epoxy flooring to your home will be a breeze.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Mackay

Epoxy flooring can be a great compliment to the interior decor in residential homes while offering longevity and affordability. But it is in commercial applications that this flooring option really shines. Whether yours is a showroom, a hospital ward, school corridor or doctor’s guest lounge, your floor is sure to be subjected to high traffic. You need flooring that will stand up well to wear and tear and remain hygienic. You also need a floor that will be easy to keep clean so that your customers retain their good impression of your organisation.

For this reason, we have installed epoxy floor coating in many commercial settings in Glenella, Shaol Point, West Mackay, Nindaroo and other locales. This flooring option is particularly popular with restaurant owners in these parts as it allows them to quickly take care of spillages and food particles all the while maintaining the high standards of hygiene required of the industry. Its resistance to melting under high temperatures means it can be equally ideal for their kitchens.

Garage and factory owners also love epoxy as they can easily rid their floor of oil stains and stains from other car fluids without having to redo the painting. We recommend epoxy flooring in labs because of its resistance to chemicals. The applications for this innovative, attractive finishing are virtually limitless.

Come and talk to us today if you have any more questions about how epoxy resin flooring can be useful to your commercial or residential construction project in Mackay. We will be happy to visit your site and get your new flooring project underway.