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Anti Graffiti Painters

Graffiti and vandalism are not only an expensive issue to have to deal with, but they also damage the image of your business or your home. Dealing with repeated graffiti attacks is sadly commonplace in some areas. Thankfully, products exists that give you the owner a better way remove graffiti and bring your property back to looking its best. As the saying goes ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Our team of painters will work with you to ensure the most is done to prevent any further defacing of your property.

What are Anti-graffiti products?

“Anti-graffiti” products are specially designed surface treatments or coatings used in areas that could be considered prone to graffiti in order to prevent permanent the permanent adhesion of graffiti to a surface. The term “anti-graffiti’ doesn’t imply that graffiti won’t be applied to it, though we wish we could say this were the case. The term refers to a coating that when applied, allows graffiti paint to be easily removed quickly and efficiently. Though it’s difficult to guarantee the complete removal of graffiti, using the correct products certainly provides the best defence. ​ We have several different anti graffiti coatings to suit your needs:

Types of Anti Graffiti Paints


  • These treatments are predominantly thin, clear film solutions or emulsions applied to any surface that requires protection. They are often applied over the surface but can be used directly over other coatings. When the surfaced is graffitied or defaced, the sacrificial coating is completely removed – this is usually done by pressure washer – and a new coating is to be immediately reapplied. 



  • These treatments are usually an acrylic based paint that are a high build and will shed a few microns every the procedure takes place of removing graffiti. In order to maintain the coatings durability, a new coat is applied after a number of cleaning cycles. This is done before the coating is worn away completely to restore the paint to its original appearance. 



  • When you use a permanent coating, the surface that it has been applied to will get full protection for a period of time much longer than if you’d used a semi-sacrificial or sacrificial. It makes the job of removing graffiti significantly easier. As great local painters in Mackay, we have the knowledge in guiding you to pick the best solution. 


Call us today or fill out the contact form and see why our specialist team are the best anti graffiti painters in Mackay area when it comes to graffiti prevention and removal, Get in contact and we’ll discuss how our anti-graffiti and coating services can prevent graffiti vandals from defacing your home or business