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The main difference between interior and exterior paints is the type of additives and resin each one uses. Since exterior paint is designed to withstand different weather conditions, it is made with resins that are more flexible. These resins can help the paint contract or expand as needed.

Furthermore, the additives in exterior paint used by Mackay painters are intended to resist mildew and fading, allowing the paint to adhere better, even on rough surfaces.

On the other hand, interior paints are made to resist marks and scuffs while being easier to clean. The resins they use are more rigid, so they can withstand contact better. Interior paints are also available in various finishes, such as satin, matte, and glossy.

In this blog, we’ll discuss more about interior and exterior paints and how long they are designed to last.

Can You Use Interior Paint for Exterior?

Interior paint should not be used for exterior surfaces. One of the main problems is that paint designed for the interior of the house won’t readily adhere to an outside surface. They are also too thin to be used in areas like masonry.

Besides looking patchy and unappealing, interior paint will take longer to dry. They may not even become fully dry in damp or cold conditions, which increases the cost to repaint.

In other words, using interior paint outside your home isn’t recommended because it’s incompatible.

Why is Exterior Paint More Expensive Than Interior?

Exterior paint is more expensive than interior paint because it comes with extra additives that make it better to withstand outside elements. These types of paints are more resistant to high UV exposure, strong winds, hail, rain, and other weather conditions.

Using high-quality exterior oil and water based paints can result in an easier application, better adhesion, longevity, and a durable finish.

How Long Will Interior Paint Last?

An interior paint job can last between 5 to 10 years. This will highly depend on how well it was applied by the painter, along with several other factors, such as:

  • The number of coats that have been used in the paint job
  • The amount of traffic a room receives daily
  • The condition of the walls
  • Any damage that the surface sustains after the paint job
  • Being exposed to the sun

How Long Will Exterior Paint Last?

Exterior paint can last around 5 to 7 years. Just like interior paint, an exterior paint job will also be affected by factors like the type of paint used, the material painted, and any climate conditions it experiences.

To make the most of your exterior paint job, you need to choose the appropriate exterior paint right from the start. Exterior acrylic paint is your best bet if you want to get the most longevity out of your paint job.